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A light that can decorate any space

Contract work for Illuminati doesn't mean just creating a catalogue of homogenous, standardised and economical products typically used for consolidated and traditional lighting projects. We instead try to interpret the needs and creativity of those in charge of big projects, such as lighting designs for hotels, offices and public spaces, finding the best solutions. This is how we tackle even the most complex lighting projects with commitment and skill , lighting the common areas

  of large hotels and showrooms and creating "unique" light fixtures on large and often "outsize" scales, something Illuminati is specialised in.
Providing prompt responses to the requests of contract managers is also standard practice for us. We reduce our working times for the preparation of commercial quotations and the associated designs to a minimum by transferring proposals to our internal technical  office, which  then  analyses  and  interprets
  the requirements of the supply. These are often highly individual and specialised projects.
This flexibility has allowed the Company to acquire wide-ranging and consolidated experience in the management of international projects all over the world.

Hotel Peralba

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